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Top 3 Tips – Best Nail Salon Marketing Strategy

MARKETING. You’ve seen and heard of this word many times but as a salon owner, have you executed any marketing for your business? This is applicable to all types of nail technician. If you’re working for someone at the moment, pitch this idea to your boss. Who knows, you might just get a promotion and raise!

So, take a sit and think how are you really marketing your nail salon? Write it down on a piece of paper and set it aside.

You see, marketing has changed over the years. There’s only two ways that exists; the old-fashion or the new age way.

The Old-Fashioned Way:

  • Salons took charge of their reputation and image
  • Salons made clients aware first
  • Salons had control of the sale


And you if really think about it…Why are businesses in control of almost anything? Simply because Internet  and information wasn’t as accessible compared to now.

The New Age Way:

  • Clients dictate what your business is
  • Clients build your reputation online
  • Clients form their very first opinion even before trying out your service
  • Clients decide if your business is worthy of the sale that they are going to give to you


Customers are wiser and smarter these days. This is because of the easy access to a huge amount of information that is readily available online. In our tech driven society, you must reach your clients online. It is very important to create and have an online presence. Having said that, convenience is the key to driving more traffic.

Example 1: Catching A Cab.

The Old-Fashioned Way: Waving your hands frantically by the street just to hail a cab. Sometimes you’re even ignored; the worse thing to happen to you when you’re in a rush.

The New Age Way: Sit down while sipping on some juice, take your phone out and order a cab at the time you need one.

Which way would you rather choose to hail a taxi? The new age way right? Consumers want convenience at their fingertips.

Now, if that isn’t enough to convince you that you must have an online presence.; let’s take a look at another example:

Example 2: Finding A Parking

The Old-Fashioned Way: Go around, look high and low for a carpark and probably waste 20 minutes of your time.

The New Age Way: Use your phone, pre-pay (save money at the same time) and reserve a spot. Park & go!

Which way would you rather get a parking?

Times have changed. 40% of the world population has an internet connection, in 1995, it was less than 1%. The number of internet users has  also increased tenfold from 1999 to 2013. Hence, it only makes sense to change your marketing strategy to the new edge way (if you haven’t already!).



Forget advertising on print media. It’s expensive and you will have to go through a long process of getting your ads out there. Whereas, people are on Facebook everyday. 60% of users log into FB everyday with an average use of an hour a day. Businesses are also built on Facebook.  You can build your brand, get back old clients and retain current clients by advertising on Facebook! In other words, you’re targeting straight to the people whom have an interest in your service already.

So, if you haven’t seen your clients in a while? Now it’s time to take out that email list you’ve been building and create an ad to retarget them by using the custom audiences option. You can run a “WE MISS YOU” campaign where the ad directs them to a landing page where they are prompted to fill in the details. When they fill in their details, they will automatically receive a coupon they can use in-store or through your website (if you have an online booking system).

Nail Pals Free FB Group


What’s not to like about this? You’re getting your message directly to your clients! Before you can do this you must always collect information such as name, email address and a mobile number (with their permission of course!).

It is one of the most affordable ways to spread the message and engage with your clients. And the best thing is that it has a 93% average open rate.

Here are some ideas on how you can you text messages:

  • Last minute openings in your appointment schedule
  • Special event invites
  • Appointment confirmation
  • SMS-only promotions; be sure to emphasize that it is SMS only so that clients will be more incline to provide you their mobile number.



People are on their phone using apps most of the time. Just like the examples above, they are are app-based. If you have the extra budget in your marketing expenditure, why not invest in one? Your mobile app should have good functionality and features with easy navigation.

Here are some ideas on how you can you leverage apps to market:

  • Online booking
  • Push notifications to alert your clients about app-only deals and offers
  • Services & Pricing

It’s time to revisit your marketing strategies. Now pick up that paper that you left side. Read and see if any of your marketing strategies are in line with the digital trends? If not, start implementing the trends now.

PS: The trends discussed above are in random order.

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