Nail Art Photography

Nail Art Photography

Photos are very important and it plays a huge role in attracting your clients especially if they are clients whom has not done it before and are considering nail art. Your nail art design may look fabulous but without great photography, it could look mediocre.

The truth is …. PHOTOS SELL.

And, you might be wondering why you would need to take photos of your designs. Well, you want people to know you and your art. So, these pictures would be place in your nail art blog, social media platforms and even your nail art album that you may want to create for your clients to view as samples.

The good news is… You don’t have to be a professional photographer and do not need expensive equipment to capture your designs. Below are the items you will need:


Oh yes it is possible! Now is the time to make full use of the built-in camera. You’ve probably been using it to take selfies and what nots. So, why not for your nail art photography! You will also be using these photos to upload onto your business social media platforms. Therefore, it is also convenient to have the photos saved in your phone.


Nail Art Photography

To be able to capture a great photo, you will most definitely need VERY good lighting.  With good lighting, you will be able to capture the nail art design properly. Lightings make a vast different in the end results. It will be the determining factor that will make your designs a hit or a miss.  It only takes a few seconds to set up the lighting. So be sure to get some good lightings.



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Nail Art Photography

A lightbox acts as a diffusion room surrounding the subject with soft diffused light which reduces unwanted glares. By having this, you will be able to capture photos just like a pro.


Nail Art Photography

You may have the latest smartphone at hand but it does not necessarily has the best lenses. You will need lenses that can take close up pictures of the nail art design. You can get macro lenses for your smartphone. How convenient! It comes in a clip-on type that all you have to do is to clip it onto your phone. You don’t even have to be tech savvy to be able to set it like those professional cameras that photographers use. With these lenses, you will be able to capture even the finest detail in your design. It’s definitely a good tool to invest in and it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.


Nail Art Photography

The best background design that will amplify your nail art is of course a white background. But there will be some designs that will look better with different colour backgrounds. An example would be a white nail art design will look completely washed out on a white back ground design. So, you will need background colors like black to enable your nail art design to stand out.

Other than background designs, you can add on other elements of decoration but be careful NOT to overdo it. Always remember that your nail art design is the main focus of the photo. Other background items that you can use:

(1) Texture Fabric

  • You can use any type of fabric that you already have at home. Get creative! Some great fabrics to use are your clothes (yes, I’m not kidding), curtain, table cloth, bath towels, cushions and even bedsheets!

(2) Scrapbooking/ Origami Paper

  • These papers are really inexpensive and they come in an array of designs.

(3) Wood

  • You’ll be surprise with this one! Get wood samples like how any carpenter would have at hand for clients’ to choose their type of wood.

(4) Natural Resources

  • Take your nail art pieces and head on over to the park! You can use the grass, tree branches and all the different flowers available. Or, if you happen to go to the beach or live nearby, you use the sand and the seashells.

(5) Accessories

  • I’m pretty sure you would have some accessories lying around like a gold chain, pearl chains or earrings. Simply any accessories that your have on your vanity!

(6) Products

  • Think out of the box. You can use the brush that was used for the application of gels, nail/gel polish bottles or files. If you’re using implements or tools, be sure to use a new one if not a thoroughly clean one. Another great idea would be to use the nail art decals used in the nail design such as rhinestones, studs and charms.



  • WATERMARK your photos with your brand, blog, salon or company name.
  • Take photos approximately 1-3 inches away from the object
  • Do not use objects or backgrounds that will steer attention away from the main focus; your nail art design. Preferable nothing too reflective or glaring.


Nail Art Photography

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