7 Ways To Upsell A Customer To Increase Your Income By 50%

How To Upsell A Customer

Every client that walks into the door is an opportunity to upsell your services.

As a business owner and nail tech, ask yourself this question….

What strategies or methods have you used to upsell a customer? You need to seize and maximize the opportunity in front of you.


When a client inquires about a service; recommend the high ticket price, let them know what it includes (so that they understand that it is value for money despite the high price) and why it is good for them. If they show no further interest and asks about the basic services instead, then ask if they would like to add on a treatment that complements the service; paraffin or mask. You can also try a non-treatment service like nail art. It’s also good to keep the season (summer, autumn, winter and spring) in mind to be able to suggest relevant services.

Action Tip: What season are you in now and decide what service you can upsell. It’s winter in Australia, I would upsell a gel polish with nail art because it will last longer.


Your client has arrived for the appointment. And it is a basic service. Although you may have suggested an add-on during the booking process, there is no harm in asking again if they would like to add on any other treatments or services. However, you must ensure that it is what your client needs and that its relevant to the service they have opted.

Action Tip: Try suggesting adding on nail art! If they don’t fancy anything too complicated and like things simple, suggest a simple nail art on 2 fingers. Make suggestions based on their needs and wants.


The wait area is one of the perfect place to subtly upsell your services. This is the time where clients will browse through the area whilst waiting for their turn. You can place your menu, brochures, sample of nail art designs and any promotional material that you have. You’ll be surprised how sometimes clients can change their minds in just a few seconds. Or, they might keep this in mind and book it for their next visit.



This is a rather strange place to upsell anything. But, hold your thought on that. I find that it is one of the best method that most people refrain from. Most often, 7 out of 10 clients that comes out of the toilet asks about what they have just seen in the toilet. This is what I’ve been doing for the past few years and it works! This is where you get to further explain and upsell without being too “sale-sy”! Pick services that you want to highlight and place it in a spot where clients can read while doing their toilet stuff. Or, you can simply put nail art design of the month with a call-to-action.

If you’re a salon located in a mall (you’re most likely not allowed to do so), then perhaps you will have to find another area where your clients can see easily see the poster. It can be located at your counter or hanging on your walls. Think outside of the box and get creative!

Action Tip: Decide on a service that you want to promote and get it printed. Make it simple and easy-to-digest type of information. A bathroom visit is usually quick; within seconds or minutes.


Clients will be looking through your samples. You can place your highlighted services and/or promo items in there. They will most likely look at it. If it interests them, they will continue to read further and might even ask you about it. If you noticed that they have looked at it but skipped it, then that’s the best time to start a conversation about it.

It is also good to give a “human element” to your business. Include things like client of the month, employee of the month, coming soon services, award-winning services (if you won any, if not then it’s time to participate), testimonials or behind-the-scenes. Get everyone to engage and give clients a sense of belonging.

Action Tip: Decide on 3 things you would like your clients to know and place them into your sample basket.


Before informing the client of their total bill of the day, be concern of their well-being. Let them know that you care by simply asking if everything was okay during their service. And if there were any dissatisfaction, rectify the problem immediately.

This is the chance to upsell and increase customer loyalty for your salon. You always want to maintain and retain your client. Whether you managed to upsell or not, try asking if they would like to book for their next appointment and plan for a future upsell.


Your employees are the epitome of your success. Your employees are almost like your business partners. Salon owner’s and managers can lead by example but it’s not the driving force to get the business to go where it needs to be. This is not a one-man-show. Therefore it is essential that your team understands how upselling works and what it can do; an increase in both their income and your salon’s revenue! Get them excited about it instead of dreading it.

Ensure that your team goes through a rigorous training exercise before starting out at the salon. It is essential that they go through your step-by-step blueprint to ensure everyone does the same method of  upselling. It doesn’t matter how many years of experience they have in the industry. A nail tech may come in with many years of experience in providing an excellent nail service but may not necessarily have the skills of upselling a customer. This is an area most salon owners forget to focus on; educating the team. You don’t want anyone to look and sound too pushy in sales. It may result in pushing away your clients rather than getting to the goal.

You see where I’m coming from?…

Action Tip: If you haven’t have a printed guide on upselling, now’s the time to seat down and list down step-by-step guide; questions you would like them to ask their clients and how they should talk to their clients (etiquettes). I’d usually place this guide at the counter for anyone who needs to refresh and refer to again.

Having a standard practice in the salon is always good. It simply shows professionalism and good teamwork.

How To Upsell A Customer

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