How To Style Your Nails

5 Ways On How To Style Your Nails

These days, manicures have gone to a whole new level. It is not just about cleaning the nails and having it to look presentable. Now, it’s about both about hygiene and looking beautiful.

Here are the 5 latest, trendiest and fast methods of styling your nails:

#1 Swarovski Crystals/ Rhinestones

These days, crystals come in different sizes ad shapes. You can choose to add on a single crystal or go all in by adding a cluster of crystals. Both ways are relatively easy to do. You can get crystals from the Swaroski store, hence the name. If not, you can always use regular rhinestones. There are various types of rhinestones; acrylic, glass and swarovski either flatback or chaton cut. Original Swaroski crystals can be a little bit pricier than rhinestones.

It’s a simple and easy way of adding some glam and sparkle to the nails especially for a formal function.

#2 Nail Stamping

If you have not heard of nail stamping, it is a method where a nail design is picked up from a nail stamping plate and stamped onto the nails resulting in a perfect nail art design each time. It helps nail techs cut down on drawing time as compared to hand drawn design. It also eliminates any error or imperfections that comes with hand drawn designs.

#3D Decals

There are many types of 3D decals (aka nail charms) available in the market today. You can get decals ranging from small to big and or any type such as cute, cool and even classy. These decals are easy to adhere onto the nails. There are different methods to do so depending on whether it is adhering on regular nail polish, gel polish or nail enhancements. For more detailed step-by-step tutorials on how to adhere these decals, there is a dedicated section of “how-to” videos at Nail Pals that you can refer to.


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#4 Glitters

Glitter is one of the most inexpensive way to glam up any nail art design. You can get glitter in any form such as finely milled glitter, chunky glitter,round, square, rectangular, or hexagonal. They even come in different colours ranging from pastels to iridescent metallic shades. You can ether add glitter to the nail design itself, to the nail polish or gel. It is recommended to get solvent resistant glitter to ensure that the color on the glitter does not transfer or dissolve.

Get creative and mix the glitter yourself to customize to your client’s liking! Mix these glitters in a small pot which you can sell to your client for the next visit or as DIY home kit in an event the glitters start to fall off. That’s a very a rare case if it does. Glitter is harder to remove then regular nail polish. It is in fact longer-lasting than any other nail art.

#5 Foils

Nail foiling is a method where you place a nail foil onto the area where nail glue has be applied and dabbing the foil to transfer the design. You can use nail foils with regular nail polishes and gel polishes. There are two different ways to adhere foils to nail polish and gels. Yet another inexpensive method of amping the nails.


To be master on how to style your nails with various methods, you can learn how to do so at Nail Pals. There is an in-depth step-by-step guide on the latest techniques and nail art designs that will help you improve on your nail art application.  Not a member of Nail Pals? Click here to learn more.


How To Style Your Nails

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