Holiday Gift Guide What To Give To A Nail Tech

Holiday Gift Guide – What To Give To A Nail Tech

The holiday season is around the corner. What do you really give to your nail tech or fella nail tech friends, colleagues and employees?

Here’s the top 5 gifts to give to a nail technician:


This is a gift perfect for nail techs especially for mobile nail techs, booth renters and freelancers. A bag that can fit almost everything; gels and regular nail polishes, nail polish remover, nail extension products, decals and more and at the same time be on the go.

Even if your nail tech is not mobile, the Zuca Pro Bag can act as a storage and organizer. Nail techs do need to be organized to be able to serve their clients in a timely manner. Some of the benefits that your nail tech will enjoy are:

  • Light- weight
  • Super strong
  • Rated to safely support 300 lbs
  • Removable and hand-washable insert bag
  • Not too big and heavy itself
  • Versatile usage even if not for nail-related items



Your nail tech is essentially your good friend whom you share your stories with and vice versa during your manicure sessions. Find out from her what her interests and hobbies are. If she enjoys baking, you could get her cookie cutters shaped of nail-related items. This is the best time to really get to know the person who has been keeping your nails in check! If she has kids, then you could also get cookie cutters that are animal shaped or even seasonal shapes eg Christmas theme related. Her kids will be thrilled to have such nice shaped cookies which in turn makes your nail tech a happy one!

Another great gift is home items. You can even customized the pillows to include words she believes in, words of encouragement or greetings from you.

If you happen to know that your nail tech likes beauty-related items such as make-up or hair products, get her some!

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Everyone loves to get something new for the holiday season. It can be new clothes, accessories, kitchenware and/or home decorations.  You can decide the value to gift to your nail tech depending on how close you are to her and if she has been servicing you for a long time. Just remember that no amount is too small. These gifts are meant as a token of appreciation.


Being a nail tech means working long hours. What better way to give your nail tech a spa pampering session of any sort. It could be a foot reflexology or a full body massage. The job of a nail technician can be tiring that may cause strained muscles. So a good massage will help the well-being of the body, mind and soul.


Nail techs barely get to go on holidays. They work long hours, mostly weekends and holidays to cater to the needs of their clientele. Surprising your nail tech with a short holiday getaway is a fantastic gift. A great way for her to relax and really take time off work. It can be considered quite an extravagant gift so this really depends on your relationship with your nail tech and your budget.

Holiday Gift Guide What To Give To A Nail Tech


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