(1) How much is it to join Nail Pals?

We offer a trial pricing of $1.99 for seven (7) followed by 2 different rates available:

Price A: $25 per month

Price B: $18 per month

Click to see our pricing and comparisons.

(2) Is there any commitment on the membership?

You may cancel the membership at anytime in an event you feel this is not for you. No obligations! And, you’re welcome back anytime.

(3) How often will I be billed?

You will be billed the trial fee on the first day. At the end of seven (7) days, you will be billed the price package you have selected.

(4) I am not a licensed nail tech, can I still join Nail pals?

Absolutely! Nail Pals is open to anyone and everyone worldwide. The lessons are for beginners to the extreme advanced professional.

(5) What language are the lessons in?

All Nail Pal lessons are taught in English.

(6) How often do I get a new lesson?

Nail Pals is dedicated to bringing you a new lesson every week. It will be delivered to your inbox every Monday, 9am. (Pacific Standard Time)

(7) Do I need any supplies or tools to start with?

We recommend that you have some nail art brushes, gel polishes, practice tips and a UV or LED light ready at hand.

(8)What type of nail art will I be learning?

All Nail Pals lesson will cover gel nail art

(9) Can these techniques be used on regular nail polish?

Yes, it is possible.

(10) Where can I get these supplies?

You may purchase from our online store or from your local nails wholesale supplier or distributor.

(11) How do I join Nail Pals?

Simply click on the “Join Now” button on the top menu and enter your details. You will be redirected to our Welcome Page and Nail Pals member area instantly!

(12) How does your money back guarantee work?

During the trial period of seven (7) days, you may email us at support@nailpals.com for a refund in an event you feel that Nail Pals is not for you. The refund is only applicable during the trial period until the 7th day. Once you have been billed your monthly membership, we are unable to provide any refunds.

(13) I am a member and have forgotten my username or password?

Don’t worry! Click here to retrieve and change your password.

(14) How does an online course work?

You will study at your own pace during your free time. Access to the courses are online. There will be videos to watch where you will practice on a model before moving on to the next module.

(15) Is the certificate valid for use?

Nail Pals Online Courses are short courses.  Our Certificate of Completion is a valid qualification for anyone who intends to either start a business or work in a salon anywhere within Malaysia and Australia (including many other countries).

Note: If you are residing in the US, Canada, some parts of the UK or any area where licensing is required; our courses alone will not meet the requirements for licensing. But, they are still a great way to test if this is an industry you would like to be involved in before spending thousands of dollars on more formal education and qualifications.

Theses courses can be a learning tool future reference and a supplementary to traditional college education.

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