Planning Your Salon’s Yearly Marketing

Planning ahead might seem like a big task amidst your already busy schedule. But, this is something you would NOT want to skip or procrastinate.


As a salon owner, most often we are drowned with the daily activities of the business operations; servicing clients and taking appointments. So much so that we are unaware of the important aspects of the business such as the finances, marketing and promotions; what worked and what didn’t, customer retention, referrals and more (which we will dive in deeper in another post).

Let’s start with the finances of your business. If you have appointed an accountant for this, talk to that person. What was the monthly and yearly revenue? Understand the profit and loss of the previous years. Do you have or know the following information?:

  • On average, how many clients are you getting per day?
  • What is your clients’ average spend?
  • Are you getting new clients? If yes, how many?
  • Are you getting new clients that are referred? If yes, how many?


By having all of these information, you will then get a better insight to the next point; marketing and promotion goals. Have you been doing this yourself or have engaged an expert to do so? Either way, you will have to sit down and reflect on what worked and what didn’t.

Was any of the following implement?:

  • Any promotions in place to acquire new clients?
  • Client retention strategies
  • Up-selling services
  • Client loyalty programs


It is crucial that you understand the situation your business is in to further improve and be able to do proper planning. Your marketing efforts should be a continuous cycle and should not stop even if you have achieved success.


You will first need to determine what you would like to achieve? It is good to have a focus each month. Try not to have 5 different promotions in a month. This will only cause confusion for your clients and amongst your employees. Which should they really sell? Set a goal in place you would like to achieve for each month. Time to put on your creative hat!

Say Summer is just around the corner, you would like to drive in new clients. What better way to have a good variety of pedicures! Or during winter for the upcoming holidays, people are wanting to buy presents for their loved ones. Introduce gift cards or vouchers that can be given as a gift. In that way, you may be very well be getting more new clients and at the same time with your existing clients spending more!

What are your goals?:

  • Acquire new clients
  • Retain existing
  • Client referrals
  • Encourage referrals (your existing clients, they are your best testimonial!)



You will definitely need a calendar where you can pen down your marketing plans; both on paper and online. Ideally, it would be great to start with 4 to 6 marketing campaigns per annum. You can try seasonal and/or big holiday campaigns. Print out a hard copy of a 12 month calendar and start mapping out when you would be launching the campaigns. Break down into smaller tasks and elaborate on it.

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Once you have mapped out your planning in the calendar, create a to-do list with assigned roles (if/when working with a team).  If you’re handling this on your own, create a list of things you would need to get done and the deadline. Are there any products to purchased that goes hand-in-hand with the marketing campaign? Do you need to sort out any printing materials? Pen everything down!


It is good to set up a schedule with notification to remind you of your calendar plans. For a start, I’d suggest using the Google Calendar and sync it with your email to receive notifications. This also means, you will be keying in information into your calendar. Best of all, it is free to use.

When doing marketing on our own, there are times that we may slack and simply just procrastinate. It is crucial that you do not skip any planned marketing activities. Marketing is the core of your business long-term success in which you will need to be systematic and organized at all times. It will help you and your business bring in the revenue and enjoy the profits.

If you’re too busy or is just not a marketing person, then by all means hire a good marketing person who truly understands what you offer and do. Do not hire a person because of the price (which in most case, a really cheap deal that instantly attracts you). Hire them for what they can do for you. This is something you do not save on because you will get a ROI (Return On Investment).

Beauty Salon Marketing Plan

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